Custom printing crystal clear 3d decal, Transparent polyurethane coated gel label, Epoxy pu resin domed stickers for car

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Waterproof and Eco-friendly
  • Super strong adheive,Customized Shape
  • Shockproof package
  • Not shrink, fade or crack,hot-resistant, weatherproof.
  • Incredibly long lasting

Product Details

The pu coating can be applied in liquid form in many different ways, ranging from manual application via syringe to optically-guided, automated dispensing equipment. Once applied, the polyurethane liquid flows to the edge of the label and stops due to the surface tension of the liquid, hardening into a clear dome.Show us a clear 3D trasparent apperance with very vivid looking.

   The first layer is the label material. The material can be any print-industry recognized label materials from paper to many forms of plastic.

The second layer is the ink. The label can be multiple colors, photo-quality graphics, or simple text. The ink is applied using screen or digital CMYK printing technology.

   After the ink has cured (dried), the labels are laser- or die-cut and the waste material between labels removed from the press sheet.

   The liquid polyurethane material is then applied to the labels on the press sheet and left to cure.

    At last,The super strong 3M back adhesive will applied!Easy to peel off from the sheet and permanent integrate to where your want. 

   Etremely durable and soft sense of touching, domed badges are an incredibly popular, Eye-catching way to add the perceived value of your product.Suitable for interior and exterior use and can be created without prohibitive setup costs.Super Strong Adhesive, Permanent, waterproof, hot-resistant, weatherproof.


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