Fishing lure eye, epoxy domed fish eye

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Strong adhesive good for wate using.
  • Design and make lure eyes for all kinds size and color.
  • Frog lure eyes and reptile lure eyes are also available here.
  • Fast delivery
  • Many years experience to insure quality and cost effective.

Product Details

“I think the eye is a pretty important part of a crankbait, but some lure makers don’t seem to give it much consideration, some even treat it like a joke. Obviously it’s not the most important thing, I mean you could leave the eyes off altogether and still get bit, but I think a realistic eye can help in creating an illusion that can make a difference in that split second decision a fish makes.


    Lure makers seem to be very concerned about getting that shad dot on almost every lure made, which is not quite as important as the eye.


    The high-end lure makers seem to take the eyes more serious, but not all of them do, and some of the low-end lure makers have very realistic eyes. It’s not like it’s very expensive to make realistic eyes."


    Here we comes the solutions about what he/she said "creating illusion".We can even help you design if you can provide basic element.Then we make a confirmation together and going to manufacure.What you need to do is just pay and wait to get them soon later.


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